The Spinner Emblem
The Spinner Emblem
The Spinner Emblem
The Spinner Emblem
Blade Runner 2049

The Spinner Emblem

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The Spinner: A flying vehicle used by the LAPD, The Spinner is capable of air and ground travel. The two seated vehicle utilizes vertical lift for take-off and landing.
Spinner's are adorned with a manufacturer's logotype denoting the model. The emblem can be seen between the caution graphic and the 995 sign on the vehicle.
As Deckard is found in 2049 his (earlier model) Spinner is seen parked at his residence and ultimately destroyed during Luv's arrival.
Having used an original emblem as reference, Paragon FX Group has recreated this iconic emblem in chromed metal.
This 1:1 (full-size) replica has the heft and feel of what one would imagine an actual Spinner badge would feel like. This piece is also magnetic, allowing it to be displayed on any number of surfaces.
Each limited-edition replica ships in custom box with laser cut foam.
NOTE: While magnetic, this item is not intended to be attached to any vehicle.