Q: Why can't you ship outside of the United States?

A: We are officially licensed with film and television studios to produce our prop replicas and these licenses have territory restrictions that we have to abide by. Please be patient with us; we're working to increase our territories to serve you directly soon!

Q: Wait, everything says "coming soon" or "in development." Aren't you gonna take my pre-order? How can I buy your stuff? 

A: Imagine that, a company that doesn't want to take your cash for something that's not actually in stock or may take months to produce. The pre-order model has been a staple of the collectibles/prop replica industry for nearly 2 decades. As a new company, we're content to earn your trust through our interest list and reserve program. Joining our 'interest list' on any given item will become the primary way for you to avoid chasing our collectibles on the secondary market. The majority of our initial items will be produced in very small quantities. When an item is studio-approved and goes into full production, we will open a 'reserve' period where you can guarantee your order with a fully refundable deposit. If you change your mind at any time, we'll cancel your order and refund you immediately. 

Waitlist = interested with no financial commitment and no order guarantee

Reserve = interested for a 10% deposit that can be cancelled at any time

Q: What's this interest list thing and how does it work?

A: The interest lists will simply allow us to keep track of whomever is interested in a given item. A short purchase window will be offered to those who register their interest, prior to an item going on sale from our website. We will be contacting people in the order in which they've joined our lists so it is advantageous to sign up early. Joining a list does not guarantee you will be invited to order a given item. Clearly, if we only make 250 of something and there's 400 people on a list, some will be left out. Ultimately, this service is being offered as a courtesy to those who appreciate our work. 

*NOTE: Customers are required to create an account with Paragon FX Group before they join a given list. Please see our Privacy Policy for details on what information we collect and what it is used for. 

Q: What? You seriously aren't gonna take my money? I really want to pre-order. 

A: Once we start full production on an item, we will open reservations for the item. The reservation will require a deposit and will guarantee your order. Customers who have joined the interest list for that item will be notified prior to the reserve opening, so it's best to sign up for our interest list once you see something you like. If there are more people on the interest list than available products, customers will be notified in the order that they signed up. 

Q: Why is the reserve period so short? 

A: We work with manufacturing partners in many different parts of the world. Since we do not open the reserve until an item has shipped, the reserve period will fluctuate item to item. 

Q: How are shipping costs calculated for my order?

A: Shipping costs are estimates based on the dimensional weight of the product. Because shipping rates fluctuate often, the actual shipping charge will be calculated once your order is in our warehouse and ready to ship. Customers will be asked during checkout to confirm shipment address so real time shipping costs can be calculated and added to the order.

Q: Can I change the shipping method on my order?

A: Once your billing/shipping address and actual shipping cost are confirmed and the credit card on file for the order is charged, we will be unable to change the shipping method. 

Q: Do I have to pay sales tax?

A: Depending on the order, sales tax may be calculated and charged. Any sales tax charged will be indicated once your billing and/or shipping address have been entered during checkout.

Q: Has my order shipped?

A: If you logged in or created an account during checkout, you can look up your order and view shipment status under that same account. When available, shipment status will include a tracking number. A tracking number will also be sent to the email on file for your account once the item has shipped.