Supernatural TV Series prop replicas by Paragon FX Group. Paragon has recreated The First Blade from Supernatural using never-before-seen prop reference provided by Warner Bros. As seen displayed in Magnus’ home in season 9, this limited edition polyresin prop replica includes the pictured stand to complete its museum-quality look.

The First Blade

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Supernatural has become a worldwide phenomenon, attracting millions of loyal fans to the demon hunters Sam and Dean Winchester. One of the key artifacts sought out by the Winchesters to battle the forces of hell is the First Blade, crafted by Cain to kill his brother Abel on the orders of Lucifer. Found after eons on the bottom of the ocean, the blade now is now the last hope of the Winchester brothers to kill Abaddon, a disciple of Cain who seeks to become the Queen of Hell. 

Using original prop references provide by studio sources, we've re-created this powerful relic to appear just as it did in the pivotal episodes of the television series. Unlike that version though, no Mark of Cain is needed for collectors and fans to wield this exacting replica of the iconic prop. The First Blade is made from high-quality poly-resin to capture every fine detail and hand-painted to match the aged and weathered appearance of the screen used prop. Faux leather wraps the handle of the blade and a base just like the one Magnus used to display the blade in his gallery is included.

  • ETA Winter 2022
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