Lunar Golf Club

Lunar Golf Club

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In addition to being the first American in space, Alan Sheppard became the 5th man to walk on the moon
on February 6, 1971.

He's also afforded the accolade of being the only astronaut to play golf outside the confines of his home
planet. This feat was made possible by a retrofitted 6 iron club that could be attached to a collapsible contingency
sample return device. (A lunar soil collector)

After assembly, Sheppard hit 2 golf balls from the surface of the moon after a total of 4 swings. The first two
were misses and the third was a shank...the fourth; however, caught the ball flush as Sheppard proclaimed
his shot went "miles and miles" to the delight of the TV audience.

Paragon FX Group is proud to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo14 launch by offering this
limited edition replica of, The Lunar Golf Club.

Manufactured in metal and Delrin this museum quality replica behaves exactly like the original. A simple pull 
of a polished rod, brings all five sections of the collection device together. The club head can then be removed
or attached by way of a quick disconnect. A truly fascinating piece of space gadgetry!

*Prototype shown, some details subject to change

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